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RainStick Shower


RainStick Shower


RainStick is a unique recirculating system that saves 80% water and 80% energy but feels like a high-pressure shower. By using robust filtration, RainStick provides a relaxing, safe and cleansing experience. Gone are the days of shampoo barely washing out of your hair because you compromised on low flow. Showering just got a whole lot smarter.

In stunning matte black and stainless steel - the option is yours to complete your bathroom in a standout way.

How It Works

Fully adjustable shower head delivers high flow relaxation

The heater boosts water temperature to deliver constant comfort

Smart controller tracks water usage and ensures your system is operating perfectly to deliver every last drop

Foot spout that doubles as a retractable handheld to deliver options for a targeted experience

Long-life filtration cleans and purifies in real-time; supplying shower water that is safe for reuse

Prescreen captures anything too large to enter the systems


When and where can I buy RainStick?

RainStick will be available for purchase on our website and through our install partners in 2021.  Be sure to sign up here to be one of the very first in your region to have access to RainStick.

What is included with my RainStick purchase?

What is the price of the shower system?

Can you tell me more about the filtration component of the shower?

Does RainStick have a handheld?

Is the same water reused between showers?