Re-Inventing The Way You Shower.

RainStick began because (like most of us) we loved long, hot showers but felt guilty about wasting water. The only option at the time was a low-flow compromise, which would negatively impact our shower experience, a change we weren’t willing to consider. We started to re-imagine the status-quo and the way that we showered.

In 2019, we invented RainStick - an uncompromised solution that saves up to 80% of water and energy while providing double the flow rate of a standard low-flow shower.


We've made it our mission to provide fantastic experiences while contributing to a healthy planet, one RainStick at a time.


While our community are the true heroes, we share values of being true change agents to the world around us in order to leave it better than we found it.

Our vision is to allow people to thrive using only 50L of water per person, per day. A RainStick Shower is the beginning, to amazing things ahead.

RainStick is different.

We nurture a culture of caring.

We believe in doing what is right, not what is easy.

We never settle for less than exceptional.

We are changemakers and future-focused.

Together, we will make a difference.

Meet our Founders

Inventors, Sean and Alisha, grew up in an area of water stress and were tired of heating 100L of water during their shower and seeing it literally go down the drain, each and every time. When speaking with others, they learned a lot of people were upset about the situation too so they decided to do something about it. With collective backgrounds in business, water management and engineering, they are on a mission of making saving water irresistible. When not developing RainStick and trying to save the world one revolutionized shower at a time, Sean and Alisha are avid mountain bikers, travellers and music lovers.

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