1-Day Installation Kit

 Streamline Your Builds with Our Waterproof Wall Panel System and Leak
Proof Shower Pan Solutions - Unleash Efficiency and Quality in Every Project!

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Introducing our 1-day installation kits for professionals, where construction
efficiency meets uncompromised quality.

Our high-pressure laminate timber core wall panels with tile-ready waterproof pans
modernize the construction process, offering a seamless solution for contractors
seeking fast turnaround and cost savings without sacrificing design integrity.

World-Class Waterproof Wall Panels

Experience efficiency and style with Fibo's high-pressure laminated wall system. Easily install panels onto existing walls or studs using Aqualock solution. Up to five times faster than tiles, eliminating prep work like gluing and grouting. Cost-effective with Scandinavian design options including marble and concrete-inspired hues.

Innovative Leak Proof Shower Pans

Experience hassle-free installation with Tile Redi Shower Pans. Ready-to-Tile or Solid Surface finish options. RainStick's reservoir is integrated to ensure leak proof construction. Eliminate waterproofing worries, save time, and deliver superior quality in every project. Contractors' choice for efficiency and reliability in shower installations.

How to Order

Apply to be a RainStick professional and get our exclusive 1-day installation kit, guaranteed for a quick and seamless installation in just 3 steps.
Choose a wall panel

Browse through our range of 8 earth-inspired hues, designed to enhance any remodelling project. Choose the perfect panel to effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of your client's space.

Select Your Shower Pan

Tailor the shower layout to fit your client's needs. Choose from 2 standard sizes in left or right orientation, and select a curbed or a barrier-free option. Comes pre-fit with the RainStick Reservoir.

Pick a Floor Finish

Select between the versatility of a Ready-to-Tile surface or the sleek sophistication of a Solid Surface, ensuring a flawless finish for your project. Our kit equips you with everything needed for your project.

Apply Today!

As a RainStick Professional, you will receive:

Support as our trade partner that includes online training, detailed technical drawings, and personal communication with our Product Support team.

An online library of finish samples, certification documents, and technical guides.

A photo library featuring high-resolution images of RainStick used in a variety of shower designs, as well as complete project details when available.

How to Join and Next Steps: 1. Fill out and submit the interest form. 2. Our team will review your submission and reach out to you through email to schedule a phone call to learn about and discuss any questions you may have. 3. A link to the RainStick Professionals shared drive will be sent through email for you to gain exclusive access.


Wall Panel Colours

Choose from 8 different colours featuring a sselection of nature-inspired hues, surfaces and textures. The standard wall panel sizes are 41 x 94 inches.

Abbey Shale
Shabby Chic
Cracked Cement
White Marble
Grey Sahara
Grey Concrete
Lentini Dark
Black Marble

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