Learn How Rainstick Works

The Simple Explanation

RainStick is the best investment you’ll make in a bathroom new-build or shower remodel project. It will provide an attractive ROI (return on investment) by saving an average $500-$700 on an annual basis.

Just like your current shower, RainStick starts with fresh grid-supplied water. Except, instead of going down the drain, RainStick captures, circulates, and cleans the water, all in real-time to avoid waste.

A Shower That Can Do Both


3 Gallons per minute

Mode 1: Circular Shower

Never before has it been possible to shower with up to 80% less water, and still get a high-flow experience—all from the comfort of your own home. This is the default mode for RainStick, using the drop up to 6X before it heads down the drain.


1.8 Gallons per minute

Mode 2: Your Shower Today

Should you ever wish to not use RainStick’s powerful, water-saving capabilities, just switch back to this mode, and your shower will do exactly as it did before. The water drop is used 1X, providing a low-flow 1.8 GPM experience.

What makes a good shower?


RainStick provides almost double the flow rate of a conventional shower. California and Washington have mandated 1.8 GPM and RainStick's flow rate is 3 GPM.


RainStick offers a full-coverage rainshower experience that actually washes the shampoo out of your hair, while still providing up to 80% water savings.


RainStick keeps you warm and comfortable for the duration of your shower. Whether you like to shower at 38°C/100°F or 42°C/106°F for example, the option is yours to pick your preferred temperature.

The Process

RainStick goes through a 3-stage cleaning process that removes larger hair and debris, and even bacteria and viruses.

The 3 Stages

  1. Through the use of a micron filter, larger debris, including hair and dirt, is removed.
  2. RainStick continuously refreshes with a tiny amount of hot water to cleanse the loop of shampoo and soap.
  3. For redundancy purposes, an intense, long-life UV-LED is used, which disinfects water from any bacteria or viruses from the shower.

The shower system does not store water in-between sessions. At any time, you can also select the traditional shower mode if cleaning the shower stall or washing a pet for example.