Learn How Rainstick Works

A traditional 10-minute shower uses 100 litres (26 gallons) of water.

RainStick uses less than 20 litres (5 gallons) while doubling your water flow.

Here’s how.

3-Stage Cleaning
Low Maintenance
Straightforward Install
First Label Second Label Third Label

RainStick is a fully automated system that uses RainStick Original Cleaning Product. A cleaning session starts after each shower to guarantee each new use is hygienic.

We provide bathroom professionals with the tools they need to confidently install RainStick. A Pre-Installation Checklist and a Technical Specifications Sheet can be found on the Bathroom Professionals section on our website.

The Simple Explanation

Just like your current shower, RainStick starts with fresh grid-supplied water. Except, instead of going down the drain, RainStick captures, circulates, and cleans the water, all in real-time to avoid waste.

A Shower That Can Do Both


11 Litres per minute / 3 Gallons per minute

Mode 1: Circulating Shower

Never before has it been possible to shower with up to 80% less water, and still get a high-flow experience. This is the default mode for RainStick, circulating water up to six times before it heads down the drain.


6.8 Litres per minute / 1.8 Gallons per minute

Mode 2: Your Shower Today

RainStick's powerful water-saving features can be disabled at any time by switching back to this mode. Water flows from the spout to the drain, providing a single-use, low-flow 6.8 LPM / 1.8 GPM experience for times when you may be washing a pet, cleaning your shower stall, or hand-washing laundry.

What makes a good shower?


RainStick provides almost double the flow rate of a conventional shower. California and Washington have mandated 1.8 GPM and RainStick's flow rate is 3 GPM.


RainStick offers a full-coverage rainshower experience that actually washes the shampoo out of your hair, while still providing up to 80% water savings.


RainStick keeps you warm and comfortable for the duration of your shower. Whether you like to shower at 38°C/100°F or 42°C/106°F for example, the option is yours to pick your preferred temperature.

The Process

We have optimized RainStick’s technology to cleanse water in three stages:

The 3 Stages

  1. A micron-level screen catches larger debris such as hair and dirt.
  2. A tiny amount of fresh hot water is added to continuously refresh each loop and maintain the desired water temperature.
  3. A high intensity UV-LED disinfects water from bacteria and viruses.

In addition, RainStick automatically cleans itself in between sessions.