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Saving you 80% water and 80% energy with 2X the flow rate.
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In North America, your 10-minute shower uses 100L of heated water. That’s equivalent to 200 water bottles worth of water used each shower, not only incredibly wasteful and carbon intensive but also expensive.

RainStick solves the problem of water and energy waste in your home. Our WiFi-enabled circular shower system saves up to 80% energy and 80% water while providing you with almost 2X the flow rate of a low flow option.


Why RainStick Washes Away the Rest

Exquisite Design

You deserve a shower experience that is parallel to the way you live your life – smart and with purpose. RainStick Shower revolutionizes your relationship to water without compromising on design, performance, or your expectations. A future-forward design that complements any exceptional space.

Wifi Enabled

RainStick’s WiFi-enabled, smart tech allows you to track your water and energy savings quickly and conveniently using your RainStick app. The app also notifies you when RainStick Original Cleaning Product needs to go into the system and allows you to turn RainStick on remotely. Heck, Siri and Alexa will even turn your shower on for you.

Sweet Savings

Our circular shower system saves 80% water and up to 80% energy while providing almost 2X the flow rate. You’ll save money without lowering your expectations, which means $500-$700 per year. Imagine what you could do with all of those savings. Calculate your savings below.

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