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In North America, the average 10-minute shower consumes a staggering 100 liters of heated water. Just imagine, that's equivalent to the water content of 200 disposable water bottles used in every single shower. This excessive water usage not only contributes to wastefulness and carbon emissions but also takes a toll on your wallet.

Fortunately, RainStick is here to address these pressing issues of water and energy waste within your home. Designed to revolutionize your shower experience, RainStick saves up to 80% of both energy and water, all while delivering an impressive flow rate that nearly doubles that of a standard low-flow alternative.

Embrace sustainability and cost-savings without compromising on indulgence. Choose RainStick, and together, pave the way for a greener future.


Why RainStick Washes Away the Rest

Exquisite Design

You deserve a shower experience that is parallel to the way you live your life – smart and with purpose. RainStick revolutionizes your relationship with water without compromising on design, performance, or expectations. A future-forward design that complements any exceptional space.

Wifi Enabled

Seamlessly track and monitor your savings and maintenance through the RainStick app, providing you with real-time data at your fingertips. Personalize your shower experience by customizing settings within the app to perfectly suit your preferences. With compatibility for Google and Alexa, effortlessly control RainStick with voice commands for the ultimate convenience.

Sweet Savings

Experience water and energy savings of up to 80%, while enjoying an impressive flow rate that nearly doubles the standard. Prepare to witness a significant impact on your finances, as our innovative solution allows you to save between $500 to $700 per year. See for yourself by calculating your potential savings below.

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