The smarter way to shower.

It’s time to cut your water use without compromising your experience.

Discover Rainstick.

We made RainStick to be different.

High flow & relaxing experience

Recirculating and filtering your water means you can enjoy a high-pressure shower without guilt or compromise.

Smart technology

You now can track your water and energy savings in real-time, allowing you to know how much water and energy you’ve saved.

Saving water & money

Your shower now pays you back. Depending on your household use, as much as $500-$700 per year. 

Purification at its finest

The robust filtration ensures hygiene comes first, making your shower water clean and clear. 

Better for you & the environment

In a world with growing water stress, we need to cut our residential water use in half. Rainstick does more than that, saving you 80% water and 80% energy.

Standout, beautiful design

Everyone will know you have a RainStick…. and want one too.

RainStick is part of a growing hub

A note from Alisha & Sean, the two founders

We started RainStick for one simple reason: we use too much water. With climate change here and a growing global population, it’s time we change that.

We’ve grown our technology and have big plans for the future, but our guiding principles will always stay the same. 

Thanks for being here, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

Alisha & Sean