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Does RainStick heat the water as it is recirculated?

Yes, RainStick adds a small amount of heated fresh grid-supplied water that refreshes the loop and keeps the heat warm as it circulates.

I usually turn off the tap between shampooing and soaping to conserve water. Will I no longer have to do this with my RainStick?

RainStick uses over 80% less water per shower session. To put that number into perspective, a traditional 10-minute shower in North America uses approximately 100L of water and RainStick uses approximately 15 litres. Because the system circulates and cleans in real-time, you're less worried about turning off the tap while shampooing.

Additionally, we are also not dependent on what the grid supplies and can boost the flow rate because of circulation. A traditional shower has a flow rate of 1.8-2.2 GPM (depending on the municipality) and RainStick's is approximately 3 GPM.

Do I have to use WiFi?

A WIFI Connection is not mandatory but we do recommend using WiFi for the full user experience of RainStick. When not connected to WiFi, some key features such as remote software updates, descaler replacement cycles and the ability to track water and energy savings will not be available.

What happens if the power goes off?

A power connection is required to operate the RainStick Shower.

Do you have a solution for bathtubs?

Not yet, but we are looking into making different versions for different applications. Stay tuned to see what is coming in the future. Be among the first to know, sign up for our newsletter here.

Can I control temperature, flow and operations made by voice command?

Yes, a virtual assistant (Alexa or Siri) allows you to turn RainStick on. Our RainStick app allows you to monitor maintenance, temperature control and water savings.

How does RainStick clean the water in real time?

RainStick water goes through a 3-stage process that removes larger hair and debris and even kills bacteria and viruses.

The 3 Stages

1. Through the use of a micron filter, larger debris, including hair and dirt, is removed.
2. RainStick continuously refreshes with a tiny amount of hot water to cleanse the loop of shampoo and soap.
3. For redundancy purposes, an intense, long-life UV-LED is used, which disinfects water from any bacteria or viruses from the shower. The system does not store water in-between sessions.

At any time, you can also select the traditional shower mode if cleaning the shower stall or washing a pet for example.

Learn more about how RainStick Works here

What happens if someone pees during a shower?

Firstly, stop peeing in the shower ;) RainStick has two modes (1) circular mode where water recirculates through the system and (2) traditional mode where water goes directly from the showerhead down the drain. In both modes, RainStick continues with 3-stage cleansing that includes UV treatment to address bacteria and viruses, a 200 micron pre-screen and continuous hot water to refresh the loop in real-time.

Does RainStick use greywater?

No, RainStick uses fresh grid-supplied water for every shower. When your shower is done, water goes down the drain. RainStick does not store water in the system between sessions and the system automatically cleans itself in between sessions.

Am I using someone else's water?

No! Every user gets fresh grid-supplied water for their shower. Once you're done, the water goes down the drain and the system undergoes an automatic cleaning cycle that sets up for the next user.

What are the finishes?

For our limited 2022 production run, we are offering a brushed nickel and matte black finish.

What's included with my RainStick purchase?

RainStick arrives inclusive of all of the necessary components for a high-flow shower experience including the appliance, a showerhead and a sub-floor reservoir.

How often do I need to purchase the RainStick Original Cleaning Product?

The RainStick Original Cleaning product will need to be topped up on average monthly. We are providing 6 months worth with the purchase of your RainStick.

Where is RainStick availble for order?

RainStick is available to pre-order in North America. If you're not in North America, be sure to sign up to our international waitlist found here and we'll be sure to let you know when RainStick is available in your region.

I want a RainStick but it's not availlable near me, what can I do?

We do have an international waitlist found here that you can join to be kept in the loop of when RainStick will be available near you.

Do you have handheld option available for purchase?

Yes, RainStick comes with an optional handheld. We’ve found from speaking with a lot of people, that some people use handhelds while others do not. The choice is yours to include a handheld with your RainStick purchase.

How do I order more RainStick Original Cleaning Product?

All RainStick orders will come with 6 months worth of RainStick Original Cleaning Product. To purchase more please contact us at and we'd be happy to assist.

Is installing a RainStick more difficult than a traditional shower?

Any bathroom professional can follow our manual to install RainStick in your home. Our team is readily available to answer any questions you may have. For special benefits, have your bathroom professional reach out to our team at and we're happy to get them set up with our bathroom pro program.

Can I install RainStick in my off-grid home?

Yes you can, assuming you fulfil the installation requirements, found here.

Can I retrofit RainStick?

RainStick is intended for a new build or renovation project. Join our newsletter here to get all the latest updates on models to come.

When should I install my RainStick?

Any time you like! But we typically see our customers install RainStick Showers during a bathroom renovation, remodel, or new build project.

What are the dimensions for the in-floor (or under the floor) collection system?

The dimensions: 20"" x 8.89"" x 1.25"" (508mm x 225.8mm x 31.75mm). More information about the installation process can be found here.

Do you have an installation guide?

Yes, the RainStick installation guide can be downloaded here or we would be happy to provide more information. You can contact us at

Does the shower floor need to be sloped toward the wall where the RainStick is mounted?

Yes, there is a 2% sloped grade. The lowest point in the installation needs to be at the base of RainStick. That is where we pick up the water in the provided catchment reservoir as well as the drain stack. Please see our step-by-step installation guide here or reach out to us at

Is plumbing inside the unit or behind?

Plumbing for the product is contained within the appliance itself. A hot/cold supply along with a 120V electrical connection is all that's required at the back of RainStick.

What certifications does RainStick have?

The system has UL certification. Many of our sub-components are also individually certified.

Can I install RainStick if our home is built on a slab?

If your house is built slab on grade, that shouldn't be a problem. When RainStick is installed, the drain or the "sewer stack" will need to be positioned at the foot of the appliance and the shower stall will require a curb.

Can I use my RainStick if I have a water softener system?

Having a water software will not affect the functionality of your RainStick Shower.

Do you have a RainStick Bathroom Pro Program?

Yes, we do! Please reach out to us at with the subject: “I’m a Bathroom Pro” for more information.

Who can I contact about purchasing large volume orders?

Please contact our team at for more information.

How can I distribute RainStick in my area?

Please contact our team at for more information.

I'm interested in carrying RainStick Shower in my showroom. Who should I speak with about this?

Please contact our team at for more information.

What are the ongoing maintenance requirements?

RainStick completes an automatic cleaning session after each use. Simply ensure there is RainStick Original Cleaning Product in the system. RainStick's cleaning product is both human and planet safe and has been designed to effectively optimize hygiene.

How much does RainStick Original Cleaning Product cost?

We ship out your RainStick with a 6-month supply of RainStick Original Cleaning Product. Additional 6-month supply is $50 CAD ($39 USD)

Is the RainStick Original Cleaning Product safe for pets & the planet?

RainStick's cleaning product is both human and planet safe and has been designed to effectively optimize hygiene.

How will I know if something needs cleaning or replacement?

RainStick completes an automatic cleaning session after each use. RainStick also completes a deep clean (approx. quarterly), notified through the app, depending on use.

Can I still shower if something within the system needs attention or repair?

Yes, your showers are uninterrupted, even in the rare case when something within the system needs attention. Because of our smart technology, the system notifies you immediately. If a non-essential component fails, the shower will continue to operate with a slightly reduced functionality. If a part of the system that enables circulation fails, the recirculating function will be turned off and RainStick will go into conventional showering mode.

What is the warranty?

The standard warranty is 2 years on the system and a lifetime on the finish.

Where is RainStick available for order?

RainStick is available for order in North America. Join our international waitlist here to find out when RainStick is available near you.

When will my Rainstick be delivered?

If you are located in North America and have pre-ordered your system, delivery is intended for the end of 2022. Limited systems are available for pre-order and if you have not already pre-ordered you can do so for a limited time here.

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