Top Interior Design Trends 2022
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Top Interior Design Trends 2022

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your home in 2022, you’re going to want to keep in mind the current interior design trends, while learning about the new interior design trends in 2022. Design elements that are going to be trending in 2022 include, wood look tiles, bathroom plants, luxury modern bathrooms, and minimal smart home technologies. Read on to learn more about these new interior design trends and how to incorporate them into your home.

Natural Textures & Reclaimed Materials

When it comes to textures for the interior design trends in 2022, don’t be shocked at the sight of natural elements. Texture in interior design adds dimension to a space that is visually appealing and uses the touch sense. Like colour, textures can influence one's mood and can help clearly define the tone of a space. Designers are drawing inspiration from nature and bringing wood or reclaimed building materials into the design. Organic slatted wood or wood look tiles will be seen in many bathroom projects in 2022.

So how can you incorporate these trends into your bathroom project, you may ask? One way could be including a statement wall using reclaimed building materials such as reclaimed barn wood (make sure you seal it to prevent moisture from seeping in), or wood paneled window coverings. If you're looking to give your shower a makeover, try incorporating a slatted wood floor. According to Decorilla's Best Bathroom Trends 2022, “Slate has an undeniable earthy feel that makes it perfect for nature-inspired interiors. It’s no wonder such bold material has become one of the top bathroom tile trends for 2022.” When it comes to the overall flooring for bathroom projects, we’re going to see many shades of porcelain wood tiles. Some of the benefits to porcelain wood tiles is that they offer the timeless look of hardwood flooring but have the same durability as regular tiles.

Bathroom Plants

The next interior design trend brings the outdoors inside by using a variety of bathroom plants. Bringing plants into your home not only adds to the overall aesthetic of the space but also can add some health benefits. Good bathroom plants can help purify the air and have also been found to help reduce stress or anxiety. According to Aimée Damman of Swanson Nursery, “Plants release water vapor into the air, which increases humidity, and this can help improve respiratory and skin health by offsetting the drying effects of heating systems. This can be an incredible benefit to those with respiratory issues, headaches, and allergies.” There are many bathroom plants that are good at surviving in low light conditions or even no sunshine at all.

The best plants for the bathroom include:

  1. The cast-iron plant
  2. Chinese evergreen
  3. Pothos plant
These are good bathroom plants because they can live without direct sunlight so you can include live plants in a windowless bathroom. If you aren’t the best at keeping plants alive, you can still create a beautiful bathroom sanctuary using realistic-looking faux plants. Adding plants to your bathroom is the first step to creating an at home spa experience. Bathroom plants bring in a natural elegance and can completely transform a dull bathroom to a relaxing oasis. Plants are a classic design element and will likely not ever go out of style, so don’t hesitate to start your own mini jungle in your bathroom.

Spa Like Spaces

According to Nathan Ya from Flowing Data, “...we spent about 62% of our waking time at home. In contrast, we only spent about 50% in 2019”. It's no secret that we're spending more time at home and as a result people are looking to make their homes more luxurious with the gift of zen. One trending way to enhance your home is to create a luxury bathroom. Luxury, modern bathrooms are going to become quite popular in 2022 and for good reason. National Design Director for Meritage Homes, Amber Shay says, "specialty features that create a spa-like retreat have now become a priority for most homebuyers," she adds. "We expect to see this trend continue in 2022. Think luxury finishes such as tiled shower pans using detailed mosaic tile, euro style shower doors featuring thicker glass, minimal framing, stylish hardware and beautiful low maintenance granite or quartz solid surface countertops combined with on-trend undermount sinks." This is encouraging folks to experience more home spa experiences, let's face it a spa day at home is the perfect way to relax after a long day at work. Working on your self care by having an at home spa day in a luxury bathroom is a great way to relax.

One way to create a luxury, modern bathroom in your home is to incorporate different types of textures. You could pair porcelain wood tiles with a walk-in shower. Soaking tubs have been in style for some time, however walk-in showers are now trending and taking center stage. Upgrading to a walk-in shower is a great way to create your own luxury bathroom. Rainfall showers are statement pieces and are much more relaxing compared to regular showerheads, so they would be perfect for your at home spa experience. The luxurious bathroom design is not one of the new interior design trends, you’ll want to miss in 2022.

Minimal Smart Tech

You’ve heard the term “smart home” or “home automation”, maybe you’ve seen HGTV’s 2021 Smart Home, but still aren’t sure how to incorporate smart home gadgets into your home. Although homeowners continue to integrate smart home gadgets in their homes, one area that users still struggle with integrating in is the bathroom space. Sean McEvoy from the HGTV blog What is home automation says, “Home automation and control systems offer tremendous benefits of convenience, cost and time integrated whole-house automation system or a series of standalone systems may be the right choice. Regardless of which approach you choose, it's likely you'll see immediate returns both economically and in terms of increased free time.” If you feel overwhelmed by the many options available for smart home automation, try sticking to minimal tech in the bathroom. By having minimal bathroom tech you still get to experience a calm, spa-like environment to unwind. Having minimal bathroom tech will make your space feel like a luxurious modern bathroom and an at home spa. Incorporating technology into your home is an interior design trend that is not going anywhere as technology becomes more advanced each year. There are many ways you can bring smart home gadgets into your home such as installing Alexa smart home technology. With the Alexa smart home technology, you can control the lights, thermostat and many more home features with an app on your phone. In 2022, we’re going to see smart home gadgets showing up in the bathrooms.



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