Our Most Asked Questions from CES
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Our Most Asked Questions from CES

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is known as the most influential tech event in the world for a reason. Last Month we attended CES in Las Vegas, where we also won Best of Innovation in the Smart Home Category. There was a ton of never-seen-before technology that made its initial debut from smaller companies , as well as new tech exploration from world class brands such as LG who announced multiple new smart home products that were the highlight of CES tech. With it being our first trade show ever, we didn’t know what to expect or how folks would react to RainStick live and in person. We’re breaking down our most through first reactions and the most asked RainStick questions from CES, the best show in Vegas.

First reactions of the RainStick

There was nothing quite like being in Eureka Park and turning RainStick shower on for the first time as folks walked through on the red carpet. Immediately, people turned their heads in the direction of water falling and thought it’s a shower…. But wait, it's a circular shower. A lot of the conversations we had had a similar “aha moment”, with delight and excitement electrifying our booth and surrounding aisle ways. “It’s the best technology I've seen at CES, with such an important end goal”, was one of the many opinions that echoed throughout the folks we spoke with. Some of our international friends in the UK & France were eager with anticipation as to when they could get a RainStick of their very own. One thing we found universal was the agreement that this new tech would address a multitude of concerns in the world.

Smart solutions of the future

CES featured technology innovation from all over the world, but one thing that surprised us was how many climate technology companies were at CES. On one of the world’s most influential tech stages, climate technologies stood out and of the many nominees for Best of CES and debuting in Eureka Parks a lot of them were green initiatives.

Check out our Nominees we were most excited to see blog to learn more about some of these new tech products.

What is RainStick?

RainStick is North America’s First Circular Shower that saves 80% water and 80% energy while doubling your flow rate. In our circular mode you can have 3 GPM of intense pressure, perfect for getting suds out of your hair and enhancing your overall experience. Unlike your shower today, RainStick will allow you to have a return on investment with annual savings of $500-700USD on average every year.

How does RainStick’s two modes work?

RainStick has two modes, circular mode (3GPM) and traditional mode (1.8GPM). In circular mode, we are able to increase the flow rate to 3 GPM (offering a fantastic shower experience for the user) as the system uses the same drop of water approximately 6X before going down the drain. If a user selects the traditional mode for any reason (cleaning shower stall for example), the water is used only once (a traditional shower) and the flow rate decreases to a "low flow shower experience" at 1.8 GPM until the circular mode is engaged again.

How many can I get?

As many as you want! Currently, we are running a limited 2022 production run. RainStick has a bathroom pro program in which eligible bathroom professionals can receive volume-based discounts. We are happy to work with your builder or designer if they have an interest in becoming a RainStick bathroom pro. They would need to show us proof of industry experience which is valid for 12 months. We also like to set up a brief call with them to answer any questions they may have about the installation when it becomes closer to the installation date. If interested, please have them email us at hello@rainstickshower.com and we can work with them to get them set up.

Where does the water go after my shower?

RainStick does not store water. Everyone starts off with their own fresh grid supplied water that gets circulated throughout the duration of their shower. Once your finished showering, simply turn off the system and the water will go down the drain. Upon exiting, RainStick will undergo an automatic cleansing cycle to prepare for the next user. (We love low maintenance).

What is involved with maintaining RainStick?

We wanted to make the RainStick future forward in every way possible and this includes minimal maintenance. RainStick completes an automatic cleaning session after each use. Simply ensure there is RainStick original cleaning product in the system. RainStick's cleaning product is both human and planet safe and has been designed to effectively optimize hygiene. In the RainStick, we have a UV light that is used to kill bacteria which has been designed to last the life of the system with no replacement required. We wanted maintenance to be as simple as possible and with that we've taken away any additional steps and all that is required is just keeping the RainStick original cleaning product topped up. We are also including 6 months worth of cleaning products to all who purchase the first production run of RainStick.

When will RainStick be made available internationally?

For our 2022 limited production run, RainStick Shower is available to order in North America. It is our intention to open up to begin fulfilling international orders in 2023. We invite all our international friends to join our international waitlist and sign up to our newsletter to learn more about when RainStick will be available near you.

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