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2021 Trends in Bathrooms

We at RainStick see a lot of bathrooms—after all, we’re a bathroom product company! Let us take you through three of the biggest 2021 bathroom trends we’re seeing so far. Let us know on social if any of these give you the inspiration you need to remodel or redesign!

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Drain Talk

As a clean technology company, our mission is to build water technology that allows people to live with 50 L of water per person per day without compromise. Beyond saving water in showers, we want to highlight something that is oft-forgotten & rarely mentioned — shampoos and soaps.

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As we navigate a global pandemic and a just recovery, we want to amplify the stories of those who are working towards a low-carbon future. To build a vibrant low-carbon economy, we’ll need innovative tech that supports our needs while preserving the environment. That’s why Bullfrog Power is sponsoring the Centre for Social Innovation’s Earth Tech, an accelerator for startups and nonprofits working on climate and freshwater solutions.

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