Showering Habits Around the World

We know that cultures around the world are vastly different in their heritage, mannerisms, and dialects, but have we ever stopped to think about how differently we do something as simple as showering? We’ve listed some countries that are showerings biggest fans and the unique things they do to make their shower routine one of a kind.


According to Harvard Health 66% of Americans shower daily. There is no ideal frequency for showering however, with global warming changes some people have begun showering for less time. Research done by Kantar World Panel shows that the average number of showers per week is 7 with the average duration being 9.1 mins..

United Kingdom

According to Research done by Kantar World Panel, In the UK, 83% of people in the are showering every week for an average of 9.6 minutes. They are showering up to 6 times per week and prefer to do so in the morning. In 2020 over 28,000 products were used once a day or more according to statista. To spice up their shower routines people in the UK enjoy using more moisturizing shower gels with fragrant scents. Big Bathroom Inspiration surveyed over 1,000 people in the UK and Northern Ireland to discover that the top shower scent was coconut with 15%, followed by Mint with 12% and Lemon with 9%.


Although Russia ranks second in the world for global water resources and has the largest reservoir of fresh water, according to the World Health Organization, 57 million people do not have piped water at home, and 21 million people still lack access to basic drinking-water services. With the lack of piped water in the home it was shocking that according to Pravda Muscovites are the cleanest people in Russia with 55% of them showering everyday. 18% of them scrub themselves twice a day for around 20 minutes. Kantar World Panel also states that Russian and British consumers are more likely to use in-bath products.


According to China Daily, China has one of the oldest bathing records dating back to more than 3,000 years. Traditionally, bathing is viewed to be a ritual of large cultural importance, although it has evolved into being less ritualistic and more of a common practice. Research by the Kantar World Panel, goes on to say that 85% of people shower per week in China and average 6 showers per week. People in China also favor shower gels over traditional bar soaps for their showering needs.


Hygiene is very important to Brazilian culture. According to Research done by Kantar World Panel, the average Brazilian showers 14 times per week. 90% of Brazilians also prefer to shower over taking a bath. Since they prefer bathing in such frequency it’s understandable that they would prefer a speedier shower option. The average American uses 100L of water for a 10 minute shower. By this standard a single shower user in Brazil would use roughly 1400L of water per week, which is 280 500ml water bottles a week. It is also quite common for them to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste with them everywhere they go in order to be able to also feel refreshed anywhere they go.

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