Exploring Hygiene and Safety with RainStick Shower
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Exploring Hygiene and Safety with RainStick Shower

RainStick Shower, considered a circular shower, recirculating shower, closed-loop shower or water-recycling shower, is designed to reuse and treat water during a shower to conserve water and energy resources.

Because RainStick is a brand new technology, you may be asking yourself "are recirculating showers safe"? or "are recirculating showers sanitary?" While we can't speak to every technology, we can confidently say that RainStick Shower is not only the most environmentally friendly option on the market, but it’s also an extremely hygienic option that requires very little maintenance. Read on to find out how!

Water Treatment

RainStick has been extensively tested by an ISO-accredited laboratory, and received a rating of “Extremely Hygienic”. The water in RainStick Shower is continuously treated to maintain hygiene. This treatment removes impurities, contaminants, and microorganisms to ensure the water remains clean and safe for use. This process addresses 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, including even the most harmful of bacteria like Legionella.


RainStick Shower removal of bacteria and viruses


Our water treatment stages encompass the following:

UV-LED Treatment

RainStick has a highly effective and durable UV-LED that provides a continual dosage of up to 30 mJ/cm2, killing off bacteria  (even Legionella), and viruses. Because every drop of water is used up to six times before going down the drain, the water is quickly recycled and treated multiple times.

Continuous Refreshment

As you shower, the RainStick continuously adds a small amount of fresh hot water whilst passively draining a small amount of shower water. The soap you use (e.g. shampoo, body soap, conditioner) also naturally binds with bacteria, resulting in real-time refreshment of the loop and bacteria removal. 

Micron Screen

RainStick is equipped with a 200-micron filter that removes anything larger than a grain of sand. Hair, grit and other dirt particles are trapped in the mesh screen as the first step in RainStick’s cleaning process. This filter can be easily removed and cleaned by manually removing the dirt or rinsing under the tap, similar to standard drain catchments.

RainStick Shower Micron Screen

Automatic Cleaning

After every shower, RainStick dispenses a small amount of the Original Cleaning Product. This works for hours after application to break down limescale and displace bacteria that may have gotten into the shower, helping to keep your water hygienic long after cleaning and ensuring there is no transfer of bacteria between users.

RainStick Original Cleaning Product

Most sanitary cleaners on the market have a long list of chemicals with health warnings on the bottles. These ingredients can negatively affect your health and also damage your bathroom surfaces. The RainStick Original Cleaning Product is a human- and plant-safe agent that is automatically dispensed in between showering sessions. The cleaner prevents limescale buildup while maintaining the utmost hygiene due to its carefully formulated ingredients. It is PH-balanced, sustainable and extremely effective. 

What about Maintenance?

Other recirculating showers require continual maintenance. This includes the need to replace filters every three months, UV sterilization units that are replaced 1X per year, and other components (ie. sensors) that need to be cleaned or replaced every few days as necessary. RainStick doesn’t believe in dead-end filtration because it creates an environmental waste stream at scale. We also don’t believe in constant maintenance requirements.  That’s why we’ve developed the technology to deal with water treatment through alternative measures that are both sustainable and extremely effective.

As such RainStick Shower is extremely hygienic while requiring very little ongoing maintenance (ie. just two touch points per month!).


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