RainStick and Rohe Homes enter a partnership to reduce water consumpti
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RainStick and Rohe Homes enter a partnership to reduce water consumption in modular homes

RainStick Shower, North America’s first Wi-Fi-enabled circular shower that saves up to 80 per cent water and up to 80 per cent energy, has partnered with British Columbia-based Rohe Homes, a leader in prefabricated, foldable & modular homes. Through the partnership, RainStick will now be the standard shower specification for all new builds.

Rohe Homes has seen significant interest in off-grid housing over the past few years. After meeting with the RainStick team, a synergistic collaboration quickly became apparent with a common purpose to create eco-friendly living environments. 

“We see modular and pre-fabrication as the future of home building. Rohe Homes prioritize energy and water-efficient envelopes in a method that is extremely low carbon and economical,” said Alisha McFetridge, CEO & Co-founder of RainStick Shower. “Rohe's commitment to sustainability allows us to scale our technology to meet the needs of consumers. We’re eager to get more RainStick systems in front of as many people as possible in our market and are very excited about this partnership.”

The first home to have the RainStick installed will be shipped to Lac La Hache, British Columbia upon completion and was commissioned on behalf of ISA MUNDO Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting small, local and international projects to improve the situation of families and communities worldwide.

“Rohe Homes is excited to work with RainStick to provide sustainable showering to Canadian-built, rapidly deployable homes. We are making great progress in the construction of the first home, which will integrate the new RainStick Shower system,” said Rohan Kulkarni, CEO of Rohe Homes. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with RainStick and sharing our learnings in our commitment to efficient low-carbon homes."

Rohe Homes ships to British Columbia only but is looking to expand shipping territory options in the future. There are two models (Lotus 500 and Lotus 1000) currently available for purchase which range in price from $199,500 - $349,500 CAD. 

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