Canadian Clean Technology Company, RainStick Releases Limited Run of R
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Canadian Clean Technology Company, RainStick Releases Limited Run of RainStick Shower

Available for online pre-order with a $100 deposit, the company is bringing their smart, sustainable shower into consumers homes beginning in 2022

KELOWNA, British Columbia- October 15th- RainStick, a Canadian founded and owned clean technology company is ready to make a splash in consumers homes through their first limited production run of RainStick Showers, available for pre-order on their website beginning today, October 18th.

RainStick Shower is a WiFi-enabled smart shower that saves 80% energy and 80% water while providing almost double the flow of a traditional low flow shower. Using proprietary water recirculation technology, RainStick Shower recovers the water and energy typically wasted to create a luxurious, environmentally conscious shower experience. As a commitment to revolutionizing consumers' relationship to water, users can download the RainStick App to see environmental insights in real time and track their own water and energy savings.

“Growing up in an area of water stress, I was tired of seeing heated water literally go down the drain each time I took a shower”, says co-founder Alisha McFetridge. “I wanted to create a system that was sustainable, without compromising the shower experience most people have become accustomed to. RainStick’s innovative technology uses less than 15L of water per 10 minute shower versus the 100L a conventional shower typically uses and wastes. Now more than ever before, people are looking for smart, sustainable appliances for their homes and we are proud to be able to deliver on these new consumer demands without compromising design, performance and expectations”.


The RainStick Way

Beginning with fresh grid-supplied water, RainStick Showers capture, circulate, and cleanse the water, all in real-time to avoid waste. Water then enters through a micron filter where larger debris is eliminated including hair and dirt. To ensure the removal of shampoo and soap, RainStick continuously adds a tiny amount of hot water to refresh the loop followed by an intense UV to address bacteria and even viruses. At the end of the shower, using RainStick’s proprietary human and planet safe cleaning product, the system cleans itself, setting up for the next user.


Limited Edition Pre-Sale

For a limited time, pre-order sales are now open via Orders can be held with only a $100 deposit for delivery and installation in mid-2022 anywhere in North America. To learn more about the installation process, consumers can visit RainStick Shower’s Installation checklist. All RainStick Showers include an in-floor reservoir, matte black or brushed nickel finish, rain shower head, automatic cleaning cycle and a 2-year warranty with an extended plan option.


RainStick Shower is a Canadian clean technology company founded in 2019 to revolutionize the water technology space by imagining products that reduce domestic water and energy waste. Their mission is to allow individuals to live a sustainable lifestyle without compromise. Headquartered in Kelowna, RainStick has operations in British Columbia and Ontario.

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